Upcoming Performances in Bristol, UK!

International Youth Theater Project, Bristol

International Youth Theater Project, Bristol

International Youth Theater Project’s inaugural session explodes in performance beginning this Friday, March 14th, at The Station in Bristol! The open-mic style event is a precursor to a showing at the Old Vic March 22  at 2:30 pm, and then a full performance of special invited guests and the general public at The Station Bristol, March 31st at 7 pm. The performance by the Bristol youth will be punctuated by video and audio recordings of their counterparts on the project in Oakland, California. We are thrilled to announce this culmination of dedicated work and immense talent,  and we do hope you will join us if you’re in the area. Tickets are accesible to the general public for £3 and available here!

The International Youth Theater Project is a brand new Applied Theater program which facilitates young people creating theater pieces based on issues they pick. We use a network of international drama and applied theater teachers and practitioners to connect each group’s project with a group of youth facing their own set of issues in another country. We learn and use emerging digital technologies to connect and create meaningful solutions and new perspectives as both groups are facilitated through their creative process.

We here at ATAI provide a forum for public performance and feed-back session with audiences that have an interest in hearing these voices and we help raise that interest as we create our art. As peers, parents, community members, business people and those in local government hear directly from these youth, each project is also connected to a group in another country through digital media, fostering global understanding and community, a digital “study abroad” that actually is working to solve problems on the ground, locally. Here are some shots from the current project’s rehearsals in Bristol and Oakland, who chose to create a theater piece around media representation and violence, respectively.

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