Dance and Community: David Herrera Performance Co.

Promoting Latino American Voices Via Modern American Movement



Applied Theater Action Institute Executive Director Jean Johnstone serves with Choreographer David Herrera on this venture. Founded in 2007 under the artistic vision of David Herrera, DHPCo. provides visibility, agency, & exposure to a diverse Latino American experience within the American fabric. Rich in theatricality and immersed in visceral physical movement the company makes its mark through seamless weaving of dance, story telling, text, music, and media into a textured conversation between Latino cultures and a multicultural American audience.  DHPCo. is one of few predominantly Latino focused modern dance companies in the United States.

DHPCo. continues to create alliances with other arts organizations and individual artists.  To date the company has had the pleasure of presenting over 10 San Francisco based companies.  To get involved, contact David Herrera and connect to the full DHPCo. website.

Works by DHPCo. has been performed at University of California-Santa Cruz, Links Hall (Chicago), ODC Theater (S.F.), Little Theater (Seattle, WA), Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts (S.F.),  San Jose State University (CA), Orange County Community College (Ca), Dance Mission Theater (S.F.), The Garage (S.F.), The 418 Project (Santa Cruz, Ca),  LEVYdance Studio (SF), Kunst-Stoff Studios (SF), Mint Plaza Downtown SF, and United Nations Plaza (SF).