Applied Theatre Action Initiative builds unique theater arts programming locally and internationally, and supports the proliferation of applied theatre as a medium for education and social transformation.

What is “Applied Theatre”?

In Applied Theatre, the steps for making theatre are used to make social change. If you can support this, please donate now to our program in the UK!

Unlike traditional theatre experience, applied theatre is more focused on the process of creation than on producing a performance. Applied theatre doesn’t have to be on a stage. It can be a way to examine shared experiences, to collaborate and explore identity, and to educate. Want to know more? 

What do we do?

Applied Theatre Action Initiative offers innovative community programs both in the SF Bay Area and internationally, and supports the proliferation of applied theatre as a medium for social transformation. We use theatre and drama strategies to examine social issues, and offer resources to practitioners. We collaborate and support programs to increase civic engagement and accessible art. Our offices are in San Francisco, California and Bristol, England. You can connect with the Bristol branch here!

What do we mean by “social change”?shadow2

By social change , we mean civic engagement/participation through increased personal and community action. The connections made are peer to peer, community to community, and individual to government. This is achieved through group actions to identify and address issues of public concern.

Theatre + Social Justice + You

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Applied Theatre Action Initiative is a member of the Intersection Incubator and are proudly fiscally sponsored by Intersection for the Arts; we are also affiliated with the Teaching Artists Guild.


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